Modern Death Metal from Norway

  Norway, well-known for it’s beautiful landscapes, fjords, and an active Extreme Metal scene. But modern Death Metal? Nothing you would think about directly. But Hans Petter Solen and Ørjan Paulsen have found another source of inspiration in the beautiful city of Bergen than many of their fellow country-men. Passion, talent and a love for groovy Metal from all over the world are gathered in a powerful mixture by ONCE AWAKE, which are completed by Andrè Kongestøl Solberg (Guitar), Pål Martin Antonsen (Bass) and Frode Hennø (Vocals). Fans of bands like Illdisposed, Lamb Of God and Tesseract will feel home in the world of ONCE AWAKE quickly. Forceful Metalcore bumps into edgy riffs, catching melodies and an affinity for Djent. On top of that, ONCE AWAKE already proved that they have a distinctive individual signature that brings a certain freshness to their sound despite all the influences on their debut album „Erver So Cold“ (2017). They will release another tempest with their upcoming album “Inside The Storm” as well. On this one, ONCE AWAKE have developed even further: in the songwriting as well as in terms of perfecting their groove and catchiness. Sometimes in mid-tempo groove, sometimes brisk and aggressive, the quintet presents ten songs somewhere between old heroes, Melodic Death giants and a modern sound. Enough edges are given to stay interested, but also a fine sense for great melodies that will always lead you into the eye of the storm with fascination. Flashing guitar solos, emotional leads and versatile vocals by Frode Hennø provide a maximum variety that will make ONCE AWAKE one of the most exciting Scandinavian exports of the year in 2019. „Inside The Storm“ was produced and mixed by Hans Petter Solen himself in his Secret Door Studio.